Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gallup Is A Fraud

Todays big news is this headline from Gallup:

Democrats Gain Edge in Party Identification During Last Year

I have been arguing for a while (see here) that the polls the MSM constantly subjects us to are biased because they are weighted towards the Democrats.

Today I found proof.

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Gallup polls are for subscribers only, so it's difficult to properly analyze them, but today's story contains some details which lets the cat out of the bag.

While reviewing the trend of voters increasingly identifying themselves as Democrats, Gallup gives us these statistics for the fourth quarter of 2005:

Democrat Independent Republican

2005-IV 33 34 32

Got that? Now look at this.

In Oct. '05 Gallup loudly proclaimed: Bush approval hits 39%, lowest of his presidency and based it on a poll with this sample:

Of those who were polled, 36% said they were Democrats, 30% Republican and 33% independent.

In other words:

Democrat Independent Republican
36% 33% 30%

Bottom line, in Oct. '05 their sample had 36% Democrats to 30% Republicans, which they now admit was really 33% to 32% in favor of the Democrats. As a matter of fact, the Democrats have not polled 36% since at least the third quarter of 2006, according to Gallup's story today.

Like I said, Gallup polls are available to subscribers only, besides which I don't have the time to devote to research this properly, but let this serve as an example for what's going on with these "polls".


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