Monday, April 10, 2006

A Study In Contrasts: Update

Seems like the public has finally caught on to this.


Critics Hit Jim McDermott on Wiretap Hypocrisy

There's at least one Democrat who unequivocally favors domestic wiretapping without a court order - and it may cost him his House seat in the next election...

No, we're not talking about President Bush's terrorist surveillance program. We're referring to leaking snippets of secretly recorded conversations between elected Republicans to the press.

That's just what Rep. Jim McDermott did in 1996, after a Florida couple intercepted a conference call among several House leaders - and he gave a copy of their recording to the New York Times.

"McDermott ought to give up the pretense of nobility and just admit he broke the law," the Tacoma Tribune editorialized last week.

The brouhaha has offered Washington Republicans new hope that McDermott's political number may finally be up.

His opponent, Steven Beren, has seized on the incumbent's wiretapping hypocrisy and calls McDermott's antics "an embarrassment."

"He opposes the Patriot Act and opposes the NSA terrorist wiretapping program. But he has no problem with illegally using tapes from real domestic wiretapping of a fellow congressman," Berens says.

It is ridiculous, isn't it? Even you friendly Dems out there can agree that if it were a Repub who'd had done this it would be headline news. Media bias? You be the judge.


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